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About the Talent Flow Network

The Brainhunter TalentFlow Network Directory provides a rich tapestry of jobs presented by employers, trade associations, niche career sites, social media, and multiple regional job boards.

As a Job Seeker, once you register and create a profile, you can use that same profile as your TalentFlow Passport to apply to as many jobs as you wish and as often as you like. Just one profile is your passport to apply to any job listed in any of the many job boards and career sites in the TalentFlow Network. There is no fee to register and no fees to apply to any of the posted jobs.

As an Employer, you can search the network of career sites and job boards to find the trade association, niche career site, or regional job board that attracts your target audience of potential job seekers. Each niche career site, association and regional job board has a nominal fee to pay to post jobs. Some of the sites offer special pricing for multiple postings, or discounts for trade association members. The rates to post your job to a targeted audience is typically much less than posting a job to a general job board.

As a Trade Association, find out how you can bring more value to your association individual members with your own career site. Help individual job seekers in your community to connect with member employers, and make the connections more precise within your industry or community. A portion of the proceeds for paid postings is contributed to the Trade Association, and can be used for other member benefit programs. Increase your search engine optimization and member benefits with your own association career site.

About TalentFlow

TalentFlow® is online Applicant Tracking System software that empowers employers and agencies to create jobs and job templates, post jobs, track and manage applicants. TalentFlow® enables direct ease of access to post jobs to regional job boards, and direct access to pay for postings on multiple career sites and job boards simultaneously.

TalentFlow® ATS (Applicant Tracking System) includes the unique “No Brainer” button that pushes jobs to Zylog. Zylog provides a service to optimize each job description, format it for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), post the job to a network of career sites and regional job boards, and post the job to social media outlets and a national job board. Zylog will use a team of professional recruiters to search and review applicants to provide prescreened candidates back to the original employer or agency that is using the TalentFlow® ATS. (All of the convenience of the “No Brainer” button is available for less than the average price of posting one single job to a national Job Board. The “No Brainer” service is only available with TalentFlow®.)

The Brainhunter Software Bundle is an online suite of modules that includes the TalentFlow® Applicant Tracking System, the “No Brainer” outsourced services, Emerge integrated CRM and Sales Opportunity Management system, and personalized career web site.

To find out more about TalentFlow® or the Brainhunter Software Bundle, call 1 877 432-7246 (US and Canada) or email info@talentflow.com

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