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Property Assessment Review Panels - Members (Standing Invitation)

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Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing


Property Assessment Review Panels- Member (Standing Invitation)



Property Assessment Review Panels (Panels) are appointed from local communities, throughout the province, by the Minister and consist of three members, one of whom is designated as Chair. Appointees are expected to make a commitment to be available from February 1 to March 15 of each year to perform an impartial, honest and fair review of property assessment complaints filed with the assessor.  The Panels review and adjudicate property assessment complaints to ensure that actual value is applied to property assessments in municipalities or rural areas.  The Panels’ decisions are then used to amend and produce an updated assessment roll.


For further information, visit the PARP website.


Time Commitment

Panel members should be available:

  • in January to complete the self-directed online training; and
  • from February 1 to March 15 for Panel hearings (review period).

The volume of property assessment complaints filed annually determines the number of hearing days required each year. Panels in smaller communities often only sit for one or two days, while Panels in larger cities like Kelowna may sit for a total of 15 to 20 days.  Panel members are provided with a tentative list of scheduled sitting days prior to hearing commencement in February and may be advised of any additional hearing dates during the review period.  However, all complaints must be heard and decisions rendered on or before March 15.



Prior to annual review period, Panel members must participate and complete all required training as directed by the Ministry. Training will include, but is not restricted to:

  • An overview of the property assessment process in British Columbia;
  • A detailed examination of Panel roles and responsibilities;
  • A comprehensive review of property appraisal techniques; and
  • How to conduct an efficient Property Assessment Review Panel session.

All Panel members are expected to carry out their duties according to Section 31 (5) of the Assessment Act and, as identified in training provided by the Ministry.



Property Assessment Review Panel members are paid by per diem which is determined by the Minister. Member rates are $425.00 for a full sitting day and $212.50 for every half sitting day.


Should Panel members be required to travel, appropriate travel expenses will be reimbursed at the same rates as provincial government employees.


Panel Skill Requirements

As a member of the Panel, you will contribute your personal and professional knowledge and experience to decision-making and meet the following conflict of interest guidelines:

  • Panel members should not hold elected office, or be closely related (spouse or close relative) to someone who holds elected office.
  • Panel members should not hold appointments to other boards or commissions that control budgets significantly affected by property assessment.
  • Panel members should not act as agents to represent complainants to their own Property Assessment Review Panel during the term of their appointment and advise the PARP Administrator if they file a property assessment complaint on any property in which they have an interest.
  • Once appointed, Panel members should decline to hear any case involving factors that may interfere with their ability to make an impartial judgement, or may appear to others to do so, such as a case involving personal or business property interests, family, business partners, employers, employees, etc.


The following are desirable business skills and background/experience for Panel members:

  • Previous Property Assessment Review Panel experience
  • Real estate knowledge
  • Property appraisal skills
  • Business experience
  • Mediation skills

Experience is not mandatory; once appointed to a Panel the member is obliged to complete self-directed training and comply with the code of conduct set down by the Ministry.



Members of the Panel are accountable to the Minister and the PARP Administrator and for their activities, including:

  • Identifying conflict or potential conflict of interest situations in a timely manner;
  • Completing assigned proceedings in a timely, orderly and respectful manner;
  • Reporting to the Chair on issues of a general nature that arise in the course of proceedings; and
  • Making recommendations for improvements to the rules, forms, policies, practices or procedures of the Panel.

General Duties and Responsibilities

In general, members have the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Actively participating in the hearing process;
  • Undertaking all the responsibilities of the Chair as outlined in the Assessment Act, if designated by the Ministry;
  • Exercising sound judgment and skill in communication with all parties to the appeal;
  • Providing an objective and independent viewpoint to the Chair and the public;
  • Respecting the Panel's responsibilities and processes; and
  • Performing other activities assigned by the Chair or Ministry that are within the nature and scope of the position.

If you are interested in an appointment to the Property Assessment Review Panel, please apply directly through the Panel and complete the PARP application form, scan and email to