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You get a VIP pass to check out our awesome career opportunities the minute they’re released. Apply online and get your name in the mix for a chance to join our Hard Rock Casino Vancouver family. If you have your heart set on a position and it’s not currently posted, make sure to check back with us and apply directly when the job is posted. If the job of your dreams isn’t available at the time, feel free to apply to our "General Application" posting so that we have a heads up of your application and can contact you directly when an opportunity becomes available.

Once you have created your Rock Star profile and submitted your online application for employment at the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver, you will receive an automated response confirming that your application has been received. Hard Rock Casino Vancouver's recruiter will review your application in detail and will contact you directly for an interview when your talents and skills match a job vacancy. Your application will be kept on file in our database for a period of one year.

In certain situations, Hard Rock Casino Vancouver may use your application to consider your fit for other positions in the Company and may also provide the information to its affiliates, in connection with possible opportunities at those affiliates.

Thank you for your interest!

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