Managed Services

Brainhunter’s Managed Services offerings represent the creation and management of Teams of skilled, experienced specialists, performing well-defined tasks on behalf of a client and against the agreed-upon Statements of Work (SOWs) and Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

The type of service, mix of skills and experience required, and extent of the operational management provided by Brainhunter, are all determined in cooperation with the client. The team may work at the client’s location, at Brainhunter’s premises, or at another location, depending upon the client’s needs.

Execution of Services | Overview

Every managed service begins with analyzing and defining both the operational and strategic goals for the initiative, and the criteria for success. Brainhunter managers will work in close collaboration with the client managers to define the following service components:

  • Operational framework. The facility and infrastructure, and any organizational constraints.

  • Staffing, resourcing, and training plans. The precise mix of skills and experience required.

  • Growth strategy. Any anticipated changes in team size and mix.

  • Performance metrics. The development and optimization of performance measurement processes and metrics.

  • Reporting requirements. The development, creation and implementation of reporting requirements.

From here, we work with the client to build a Statement of Work, which describes the scope and scale of the service, and associated Service Level Agreement, which governs the metrics to measure the performance levels to be achieved. The client chooses its desired degree of involvement in this process. For example, some clients choose to participate in the selection and interviewing process, while others take a more hands-off approach.