Privacy Statement
Privacy of our user's information is of utmost importance at We strive to provide a safe, confidential and secure system so that you feel comfortable storing your information with us. We understand the highly confidential nature of the employment search process, and our policies are designed to give you the control you need to ensure complete confidentiality.

Information Gathered uses your IP address to help track where you came from, what services you are using, to help us administer our web site, and to improve our services.

We also use "cookies" to track your use of the site, and to ensure that you are a valid, registered user throughout your "session".
We gather your personal information, career objectives and restrictions, as well as your resume and skills (your "information")

Disclosure to Employers

Your contact information (name, address, phone number, etc) is kept confidential by default, until you "ok" its release to an employer by allowing yourself to be submitted to a job (a process you control fully) or by applying directly to a job.

By default, your resume IS VIEWABLE by recruiters if they do a manual search of our database. But this viewable resume DOES NOT contain any contact information such as your name, address, phone, number, email, etc.

You can BLOCK COMPANIES from being able to see ANY information including your resume in a manual search. If you select this option, employers will only see your name and resume once you agree to be submitted to a job, or apply directly. More info on this is available in our HELP screens.

Disclosure to Non-Employers

We do not disclose your information to anyone except as described above, including personal information, resume information, email addresses, information about your visits to the site, etc. We may disclose statistical information gathered as a whole (eg. Total number of job-seekers, total number of IT job seekers), but never disclosure information on an individual basis.

Disclosure of Employer Information does disclose portions of the company information gathered during the employer sign-up including Company Name, Location of Job, Headquarters, Annual Revenue, Web Site Address, Company Address, Stock Information. This information is available to job seekers to increase their knowledge of your firm. We do NOT disclose any contact information, or individual user information.

You have the option of posting "Confidential" jobs, where no company information will be shown on the site, and will only be disclosed on a personal basis to each pre-screened, interested candidate. More information on these features is available in our HELP screens.

Opt-Out and Modification

Both Job Seekers and Employers have the ability to OPT-OUT and delete their information permanently from the system. Both Job Seekers and Employers have full control over their information and can modify at any time.

Feedback and Suggestions encourages feedback and suggestions for improvement. Any feedback or suggestions submitted become the property of

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