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VIANurse - Voluntarily Immediately Available Nurse

VIANurse is an electronic registry, maintained on RNAO’s web site, of RNs, and RPNs willing to voluntarily indicate availability to be deployed to an Ontario health care facility designated by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) as on emergency status.

The purpose of VIANurse is to facilitate provision of safe quality of care to the people of Ontario when additional resources are required as a result of an emergency situation.

VIANurse will be accessible only to those employers who are designated on emergency status as defined by health care organizations designated by the MOHLTC as on emergency status.

VIANurses include all Registered Nurses [RNs and RN(EC)s] and Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs) who are registered in good standing with the College of Nurses of Ontario (or who are eligible for emergency registration with the College of Nurses of Ontario), and who register with the site by choice.

VIANurses agree to be deployed on short notice, to health care facilities anywhere in Ontario which are designated to be on emergency status by the MOHLTC. Emergency deployment will not exceed 60 calendar days, with provision for one extension subject to the agreement of all parties, or for early termination with not less than two weeks of written notice from any of the parties.

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For inquires regarding the VIANurse program please contact
VIANurse Admin Assistant - (416) 599-1925 ext 228

Special Note: The VIANurse Registry is using the RNCareer site, however the VIANurse data are kept separate and confidential and accessible only to those employers who are designated as on emergency status as defined by the MOHLTC. Such employers will access VIANurse through the "VIANurse Employers" component of the electronic VIANurse site.

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